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Feed-A-Kayayo Campaign

GHANA COVID-19 FUND > Feed-A-Kayayo Campaign

The COVID-19 inspired “Lockdown” in selected parts of Ghana presents a major socioeconomic challenge to head porters and market hands popularly known in Ghana as “Kayayo” in singular terms and ‘Kayayei’ in plural terms as well as many underprivileged daily wage earners.

No daily work, no daily stipend to feed and care for themselves and their dependents, means they are at RISK OF STARVATION.

The Feed-A-Kayayo project aimed to help alleviate the challenges of the ‘Kayayei’  and other underprivileged persons by providing a meal a day for every day of the lockdown. KPMG were the Project Administrators with a mandate to ensure optimal accountability and impact realisation.  The project  started on the 1st of April 2020  and was terminated on 12th April 2020, as the Government of Ghana commenced its own feeding project. The project attracted  many volunteers and corporate executives as well as politicians from across the divide who joined hands to support the project by serving hot meals to the underprivileged.  In addition to hot meals, the kayayei and underprivileged were educated on COVID-19 and preventative measures to be taken against the disease.