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Ghana COVID-19 Private Sector Fund
Stanlib Ghana Ltd.
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Frequently Asked Questions

The funds are placed in centralized accounts in Fidelity Bank Ghana and Ecobank Ghana and are administered by the fund managers, Stanlib Ghana a subsidiary of Stanbic Bank Ghana.

The fund will be used for the following purposes:

  • Partly or wholly fund priority interventions by GoG in the COVID-19 fight.
  • Resource health facilities with supplies and equipment to promote the fight against COVID-19. These include testing kits and equipment, PPEs and health infrastructure like field hospitals.
  • To educate and promote citizenry action (behavioural) required in the fight against COVID-19
  • Any other purpose which the Trustees may consider relevant in the fight against COVID-19

The funds will not go to the government directly, but will help support the government in its drive against the COVID-19 pandemic in any way possible

This fund has been set up by private citizens of the country and is intended as a way to for us to help support the government, both directly and indirectly by supporting institutions and helping those in our society who are most in need.

In the first week of the Funds inception, donations were used to deliver over 50,000 meals to the less fortunate in our society who have been most affected by this lockdown.

Currently, there is no way to earmark gifts for specific uses, as there are a wide range of areas of support and all funds need to be concentrated to tackle as issues as effectively as possible.

The fund has extensive oversight by a number of individuals and organizations which offer checks and balances to each other to facilitate the efficient running of the fund. The oversight of the fund is structured as follows:

Their roles of the oversight team are as follows:


The trustees shall exercise overall responsibility for the FUND and the realization of its objects. It shall operate as the Governing Board of the fund and periodically (quarterly recommended) account to all donors of the FUND. The 10-first funders shall be the Trustees of the FUND.

Fund Manager

The Fund Manager shall

  • Manage all inflows and outflows under the guidance of the trustees.
  • Promote the fund to target sources.
  • Evaluate all disbursement requests under the guidance of the fund auditor.
  • Initiate disbursement requests for consideration by the Trustees.


The Custodian shall

  • Receive funds
  • Keep Funds
  • Disburse funds as directed by the fund manager in conformity with set rules approved by the trustees
  • Account for receipts and disbursements

Fund Auditor

The Fund Auditor shall:

  • Provide assurance services to the FUND
  • Assist the fund manager in the evaluation of all disbursement requests
  • Audit financials of the FUND and report to the board and donors as shall be agreed or required.
  • Monitor uses of funds by beneficiaries

Technical Committee

The TC shall serve as the primary interface with the Government of Ghana and health institutions. It shall present and assess funding requests for consideration by the fund manager and the Trustees.

The committee shall comprise:

  • The Fund Manager and Administrator
  • The Fund Auditor
  • A representative from the Ghana Medical Association
  • A Procurement Specialist nominated by the Trustees
  • A Public Health Expert nominated by the Trustees
  • A representative from the Media

The protocols shall be designed by the Fund Manager under the guidance of the auditor and subjected to the approval of Trustees.

Protocols shall however include an evaluation of disbursement requests by the Technical Committee to ensure relevance, prioritization and value for money.

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