The 100-bed infectious disease facility being developed by the Ghana Private Sector Fund at the National COVID-19 Treatment Center in the Ga-East Municipal Hospital is now set for completion by June 30, 2020.

Work on the project, the first of its kind in Ghana, started on April 17, 2020. It was initially scheduled for completion by May 29, 2020. But design modifications, the onset of the rainy season and global supply chain challenges have made it necessary to set a new completion date for the project.

“Since construction started, the project has undergone various design changes and improvements in response to additional requests by the National COVID-19 Care Management Team and other infectious disease clinicians and biomedical scientists,” Managing Trustee of the Ghana Covid-19 Private Sector Fund, Senyo Hosi says.

These modifications, he said, include the incorporation of a level 2.5 biomedical laboratory and the addition of a 21-bed intensive care unit. Others are the total insulation of the facility for energy efficiency and the application of Ultra-Violet radiation treatment of air entering and exiting the facility to ensure no contaminated air exits the building.

“We consider these additions critical to delivering the impact Ghana needs in the fight against current and future epidemics and pandemics,” Mr. Hosi says. “We are grateful to all our donors for the faith they have kept with us and assure all of our commitment to deliver the project as required of us. We wish to express our pride and appreciation to the consultants from the Built Environment Institutions and the Military for volunteering their service to the project and Mother Ghana.”

Mr. Hosi called on all Ghanaians at home and abroad to join the #10AgainstCovid19 campaign by donating GHS10 to help fund the completion of the project. He said contributions can be made by simply dialing *718*25*219#and following the prompts.
“We are in this together, and we will survive together,” Mr. Hosi concluded.